What makes a great leader?

What are your leadership performance strengths?

What are your leadership struggles potentially derailing your performance?

How inspired is your team?

What is your leadership legacy?

Your leadership style will be critical to the profitability and growth of your business. This is not just about your capability to make key decisions, but also your ability to engage your team. The starting point will be developing a greater awareness of yourself and how you impact others.

The Leadership 360 Discovery Process can assist you by providing in-depth feedback to assist in the development of your leadership performance and the building of workplace relationships. The process involves you firstly completing your Business DNA Natural Behavior Discovery and then completing the Leadership 360 Discovery addressing 75 individual items across 7 key areas related to leadership. In addition, 5 to 12 other peers, managers, leaders or customers will provide their evaluation of your leadership style by completing the Leadership 360 Discovery.

Key Features of the Leadership 360 Discovery Reporting

So that you can pinpoint the areas needed for leadership development, the DNA Leadership Performance Report highlights your top 10 leadership strengths and struggles, uncovering 75 items relating to your leadership performance in 7 distinct areas:

  • Communication
  • Results
  • Relationships
  • Trust
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Values
  • Proficiency

In addition, the report provides the following:

  • Point in time objective measurement of sustainable performance (SPI) which promotes year on year comparisons.
  • There are 2 reports available – summary (4 pages) and coaching (23 pages).
  • Integration of actual Leadership Performance Measurement and how the person should be performing based on their Natural DNA Behavior.
  • Insights on how the Leader needs to adapt their behavior to improve performance.
  • Written feedback of the raters is captured in process and the report.
  • Dashboard summarizing the average scores for each rating item for each category of rater. (e.g. manager, peer, customers, direct report and other stakeholders)
  • All rating data and written feedback is 100% anonymous to the leader, raters and DNA Behavior.

For further information or to view a sample report, please contact us at inquiries@dnabehavior.com